Syndeo is an Excel .Net application for performing calculations across microplates. The application runs inside Excel so the user has the full power of Excel at their fingertips but they are also able to utilize numerous enhancements designed specifically for laboratories. An engineered Excel experience optimized for laboratory operations is the best of both worlds. Automated calculations, microplate formatting, database integration, enterprise distribution, end-user simplicity and unlimited flexibility become a reality with the Syndeo platform.

The Syndeo architecture consists of a .Net Excel framework that has numerous components available to mix and match to establish calculation protocols. The protocols can then be distributed anywhere to provide end-users with push-button solutions for any assay format including kinetics, curve fitting, percent control or any exotic combination of plate reader data that cannot be accommodated by hard coded applications.

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xlintel is an Excel scientific application used for exporting Excel tables to an MS Access database. The database is designed to manage experiment data from laboratories. Any Excel data that has been organized in an Excel table (also called lists) can be mapped to the database and then exported to the database at the push of a button. The xlintel app opens up a new world of possibilities for maintaining and organizing any kind of experiment data over a long period of time. When experiment data is properly organized in a database, the data can be viewed in numerous ways with simple queries. All the data for a particular type of experiment can easily be compared across the life of the experiment as opposed to hunting through spreadsheets to make comparisons. 

Since xlintel is built inside Excel, there are no learning curves or user acceptance issues for anyone with minimal Excel skills. The MS Access database is also a very simple industry standard desktop database that can be quickly mastered by laboratory personnel with no formal IT training. Tired of complex, overkill enterprise solutions for simple data storage tasks? xlintel is your ticket to data self-sufficiency and instant productivity gains.